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The SOUR token is a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token that is built on the Bitcoin Cash, BCH, blockchain. SOUR will be used in the future for as a means to tip good content, BCH airdrops to holders, as well as promotions, rewards and incentives for promoting Bitcoin Cash and adoption.

There are 42,000,000 SOUR Tokens created & each one is divisible by 8 decimals or 100,000,000 Sourtoshis. That is double the total amount of Bitcoin but divisible by the same amount of Satoshis. SOUR Token ID: 6448381f9649ecacd8c30189cfbfee71a91b6b9738ea494fe33f8b8b51cbfca0
SOUR Token Genesis Transaction on BCH Block Explorer.

Get your SLP address with Badger Wallet or Electron Cash SLP Edition.

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What is a faucet?

A faucet is a tool that allows users to claim a small amount of free tokens, in this case, SLP tokens. Learn More.